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Support Our Veterans

I HAV Resources has 10 programs that will focus around Homelessness amongst families, adolescences, and veterans. Veterans who have returned to civilian life are either properly trained and educated in skills that will translate outside of the military or they are not, which causes them to have a hard time adapting. For most veterans, they are at a time in their life where it is a little more difficult to start over. For other veterans, they are disabled or diagnosed and lack the proper education and support from the military to survive in civilian life. The following programs are designed for all individuals and families in need of assistance.

Program Name: I HAV Shelter
Focus: Make sure every veteran has shelter
Problem: Our veteran population is living on the streets in tents, cardboard boxes, or worst. Natural disasters are destroying homes for families who do not own or families that were living paycheck to paycheck and now have no place to go. Some families lose their homes by being evicted and are now displaced and have no options due to a lack of funds available.
Solution: I HAV Shelter is a program that helps to provide a place to live to all its veteran members. All veteran individuals and families will be assisted in getting shelter, rooms, homes or veteran living assistance. If someone is mentally disabled, we will assist those individuals that qualify for certain programs to live in group homes do so. We will help all low-income families apply and understand what programs they qualify for to receive living assistance. Temporary housing will be provided to families and individuals displaced due to natural disasters or evicted due to a major life event. I HAV Resources plans to not only work with organizations that provide these services but plan to own buildings to provide for even more assistance nationwide and beyond. 

Program Name: I HAV Identification
Focus: Helping homeless veteran adult men & women get their identification back, like Drivers License, State ID, Birth Certificate, Social Security Card and any other military identification.
Problem: Our homeless population has a hard time keeping up with their belonging when they are; forced to move from location to location, sleeping on the streets, having their things stolen, thrown away, or destroyed, and have no proper storage options. Finally for a person to get a job, proper shelter, or more a person will need their identification.
Solution: I HAV Identification is a program built to walk individual members through getting their identification back. We partner with local governments to help assist all of our members seeking assistance in getting their identification back.

Program Name: I HAV Clothing
Focus: Provide clothing for our homeless veterans
Problem: Our homeless veterans need clothing for a number of reasons, but due to kids growing every year, losing their belonging in a major event, or worst they cannot keep up with the need.
Solution: I HAV Clothing is a program that provides all adult men and women with clothing for work, interviews, and more.

Program Name: I HAV Food
Focus: Providing 3 meals a day to our veteran members.
Problem: Most veterans that panhandle use their money for food or shelter
Solution: I HAV Food is a program that partners with local soup kitchens, food pantries, food banks, and other charities and nonprofit organizations that assist in feeding and delivering free food to our veteran members who are less fortunate or homeless.

Program Name: I HAV Transportation
Focus: Providing rides to veteran members.
Problem: Most veterans have an issue with getting to and from places that are of importance due to the lack of public transportation and funds.
Solution: I HAV Transportation is a program that will help veterans that are in need of transportation to work, home, childcare, and anywhere else they cannot get to and from safely.

Program Name: I HAV Work
Focus: Help veterans get to volunteer, salaried, and hourly work
Problem: Most veterans who are not retired are looking to get back into the workforce but do not know where to start. Most other homeless veterans are panhandling to survive.
Solution: I HAV Work is a volunteer program that partners with local businesses, local governments, and other charities and nonprofit organizations that donate or need volunteers. I HAV Resources’ goal is to bring back value to the community through volunteering its time to clean up around local businesses and public places, like parks, streets, parking lots, business properties, and more. We further plan to help homeless individuals who are looking to get back in the workforce do jobs and volunteer work for businesses and government programs. 

Program Name: I HAV Training
Focus: Providing trade skills, life skills, and more for veterans struggling with keeping a job.
Problem: A lot of homeless military veterans have skills or experience in jobs that are not hiring or oversaturated.
Solution: The I HAV Training program was launched by I HAV Resources to help veterans learn new skills necessary to get back in the workforce. We will be partnering with local businesses, charities, schools, the local government, and other nonprofit organizations to help our members with learning.

Program Name: I HAV Education
Focus: Making sure all members have a proper education.
Problem: Most military veterans in low-income communities do not know how to finish or continue their education.
Solution: I HAV Education also is a program to help put individuals back in school who are looking to further their current education. We will assist our members in getting their high school diploma, associates degrees, bachelors degree, or more.

Program Name: I HAV Support
Focus: Helping our military veterans to get the service, help, assistance, and resources they need and qualify for.
Problem: The majority of homeless veterans do not know what programs they qualify for.
Solution: I HAV Support is a program that partners with local lawyers, doctors, counselors, dentists, schools, local governments, businesses, charities, barbers, and many more individuals looking to donate their time for our members. We also understand Individuals and families are suffering from some form of abuse if it’s substance abuse, physical abuse, or more. I HAV Support will also help our members clean their records, give them a number for jobs to call, give them email and internet access, as well as update their resumes for them. I HAV Support will help its members blend in and stand out in a positive way. All members suffering from abuse will receive the help they need thanks to our partners. I HAV Resources’ ultimate goal with I HAV Support is to bring out the potential of each member so when getting jobs they have the same odds if not better than the next candidate.

Program Name: I HAV Security
Focus: Keeping members and their belongings safe.
Problem: The homeless population has to travel everywhere they go with their belonging so they aren’t thrown away, destroyed, or stolen. Homeless kids and women are always in harm’s way when due to lack of policing for the homeless.
Solution: I HAV Security is a very simple program, we provide protection of each member’s belongings. We also plan on making a safe environment for each member regardless if they have suffered some sort of abuse in the past.

Becoming a volunteer/member for I HAV Resources allows you to give back to your local community. All of our volunteers receive 3 meals a day for a full day of volunteer work. To sign up and become a volunteer today please text or call us at 800-484-3656 or click the link below.


If you or someone you know is struggling with homelessness, you can find local shelter by calling 2-1-1 or 877-652-1148 and asking for help. You can also search our database (at the top of this page) using the term “Emergency Shelter Clearinghouse.”