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I HAV Identification Program

I HAV Identity is a Program within I HAV Resources that aims to help all individuals who have lost their identification at some point. Individuals and families lose their most valuable possessions during times of eviction, displacement, and when moving.

Most states require that you have at least 1 form of identification in order to get another form of identification. Most people lose their social security card and birth certificate first. These are the main 2 forms you need to prove your identity. All debit and credit cards are lost once they are no longer usable. An individual will lose or have their state ID or driver’s license is stolen when they move from shelter to shelter.


Most homeless shelters will not take an individual if they do not have 2 forms of identification. Depending on the program at the shelter, home, or hospital an individual could be denied medical treatment as well. When accepting a job, most employers will turn an individual away because they lack 2 forms of ID.

Without proper ID someone can be arrested for mistaken identity. Medical and arrest history could be improperly attached to someone’s name or social. Identifications are stolen all the time in order for someone to steal another person’s benefits and more.