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4 Homeless Men Bludgeoned to Death in Manhattan’s Chinatown

A homeless man went on a rampage in Lower Manhattan early Saturday morning, using a metal pipe to bludgeon to death four other homeless men, hospitalizing a fifth. All five homeless people appeared to be sleeping when they were attacked.

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In New York City, population 8.5 million, nearly one in 121 New Yorkers is homeless, according to the Bowery Mission, an advocacy group. The Coalition for the Homeless put the number of homeless people in the city’s shelter system in August at 61,674, including 14,806 families with 21,802 children.

Advocates say it is impossible to get a definitive count of the number of homeless people living on New York City streets, in the subways and in other public spaces, but it is thought to number in the thousands. 

In 2016, amid signs that street homelessness was rising to epidemic levels, based on calls to the 311 emergency line, thousands of volunteers fanned out across the city to assess the crisis.

I HAV Plans:

I HAV Resources plans to not only work with all homeless shelters nationwide, but be a resource for all homeless individuals and families looking to get off the street.

Homeless people living in shelters and on the street aren’t just lacking a place to live and support, some also lack identification, protection, healthy food, clothing for all occasions, transportation, wages or income, proper training and education, as well as security and safety.